Indigenous hospital Pare-pare

The regulations about objective, management and staff of so-called ‘Inlandsche ziekeninrichtingen’ (Indigenous hospitals)  outside the three main cities of Java have been replaced by individual regulations (see Regeeringsalmanak 1926, p.314). Such a regulation was the Govenment Decision (Gouvernementsbesluit) of 2 October 1908 no. 12 regarding the hospital at Pare-Pare on the Westcoast of Sulawesi (Celebes).

Pare-pare was in the 1930s a department and subdepartment with  capital of the same name  and was situated in the Government ‘Celebes en Onderhoorigheden’ (Celebes and Dependencies). It wass ruled by an assistant Resident. The main town Parepare is situated at the Bay of Parepare and is connected to the city of Makassar by an autoroute alongside the coast. The subdepartment Parepare consists of the self-governed landscapes Malusetasi and Suppa. It has 38,000 inhabitants among whom 136 Europeans and 400 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1140),