Indigenous hospital Ponorogo

The indigenous hospital of Ponorogo (Madioen) was established by Government Decision of 20 January 1910, Addendum no. 7147 to the NI Statutebook.  Regulations concerning the categories of patients, the costs of hospitalization and the manpower of hospitals were issued in 1927 (Regeeringsalmanak, volume Grondgebied en Bevolking, p. 395). In these regulations, to the hospital of Ponorogo were assigned the nursing classes 3 and 4 (day tariffs resp. f 3 and f 1.50).

In te 1930s, Ponorogo was a regency and district with the principal town having the same name, situated in the Residency of Madioen, province of East Java. The regency had 478,000 inhabitants of whom 217 Europeans and 1,300 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 1185).

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