Indigenous hospital Purwakarta

Hospital at Purwakarta 1928 (KITLV nr. 51670)

In 1898 the existence  of a hospital for syphilitic patients was mentioned. In the Report of the Civil Medical Service of 1909 the indigenous hospital of Poerwakarta is mentioned. Formerly, is was mentioned ´stadsverband´. The medical doctor of  the health resort of Krawang (comprising the districts of Sindangkosih, Darangdan, Adiarsa, Krawang, Rengasdenklok, Segalaherang, Soebang, Pamanoekan and Pangkalan) was A.A.Jesse. He reported for the year 1909  a number of admissions of 220 patients, ofwhom 9 died. The hospital may be found in the photo-archives of the KITLV (number 51670) and is indicated with the names: Pamanoekan and Tjiasemlanden. It was situated  northeast of Poerwakarta.  and the name of the location was Soekamandi. See Appendix of the Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie (NI Statutebook) number 5858. The photo dates from 1928.

Poerwakarta was in the 1930s the capital town of the Regency Krawang and of the District and subdistrict of Poerwakarta, Residency Batavia, province of West Java. The town was situated on the railwayroad.