Indigenous hospital Semarang

The Government Decision (GB) no. 34 of 4 March 1915 attributes donations for housing of student nurses to the Association to promote indigenous nursing (Vereniging tot bevordering van inlandsche ziekenverpleging) at Semarang.The NI Statutebook no. 466 of 3 August 1918 (Decision GG no. 53 of 13 July 1918) mentions the allowance of f 200 per month for a ‘wijkzuster’ (Community nurse) to train indigenous girls to become midwives in the community center with polyclinic in Semarang. The allowance was given to the “Vereeniging tot bevordering der Inlandsche ziekenverpleging “at Semarang. Some time before, this hospital was established as one of the few so-called ‘Diaconessenhuizen’ (Deaconess hospitals). The other three were established at Batavia, Soerabaja and Medan. In  a report of the director these hospitals are called sister-organizations. However the name Diaconessenhuis was never used, as the hospital from its opening on 30 april 1910, the birthday of princess Juliana, was called ‘Juliana ziekenhuis’. The hospital was built by the architect Harmsen. Its first director was Mrs. A. Schoutendorp, a former headnurse of the Binnengast-huis at Amsterdam.