Infirmary Tandjong Pandan

The hospital for poor private persons at Tandjung-Pandan (Billitung) originally was a hospital for sick prostitutes. It was first mentioned in in the Report of the Civil Medical Service of 1909.
In 1909 both patients groups had only 40 times been admitted (1908: 76). At the same time the outpatients department treated 742 patients (1908: 498). Treated with the diagnosis malaria were 107 patients (1908: 101).
8 patients were treated for venereal diseases.

The hospital was owned by the tin mines of Billitung. This was a public facility, a government service.

Tandjung Pandan was in the 1930s, when the hospital still existed, the capital of the department Billiton, Residency Bangka and Dependencies (Gonggryp 1934, 1382).

See Map Hospitals 1940 for the location of the hospital.