Landscape hospital Labuhanruku

A Landschap in the Netherlands Indies was a self-governing administrative unity. As the decentralization policy of the NI Government progressed, not only regencies, municipalities or provinces, but also Landschappen took over existing hospitals from the central government. One of the examples was the Landschapsziekenhuis Labuhanruku  on the Eastcoast of Sumatra, which started in 1928.

The Memorie van Overgave 1934 (Document of transfer of office): The hospital at Laboehanroekoe needs repairs and improvement. Therefore an appeal has been made on the Rubber Fund to make available enough money for restoration. This appeal was successful.

In the 1930s, Laboehanroekoe was the principal town of the subdivision Batoebara, Division of Asahan, Government Eastcoast of Sumatra (Gonggryp 1934, 712).

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