Landscape hospital Poso

The Landscape hospital of Poso is mentioned in a document of Transfer of Office about 1940 of the leaving Resident.
He mentions that an Officer of Health 2nd class is put in charge of this hospital that had a bed capacity of 43 beds and that had been restaurated fundamentally in 1940 and had a good occupation rate. The personnel formation had been kept low in view of the ‘bezuinigingen’ . The Head of the hospital once every month visits the mission auxiliary hospital at Tentano. He supervises the Landscape outpatient clinics in the ressort of Poso. ( From: Ziekenhuizen Minahasa p. 115: Afdeling Poso, Onderafdeling Poso, Standplaats Poso).

In the 1930s, the department of Poso had 242,000 inhabitants of whom 200 Europeans and 2,800 Chinese. The department belonged to the Residency of Manado and was ruled by an assistant-resident. The principal town Poso is situated on the Poso river, near the coast and is well-connected with Tentena on the Poso-lake  (Gonggryp 1934, 1189-1190).

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