Landscape infirmary Banggai

From pdf Ziekenhuizen Minahassa, ca. 1940, p.118: A Government Indian doctor for the Resort of Banggai manages the infirmary of the Landscape at Banggai and some outpatient clinics.

From Gonggryp 1934: The subdivision Banggai of the division Poso, Residency Manado is administrated by a gezaghebber (Authoritarian), officer of health with the title of gezaghebber or functional Controleur BB. The subdivision consists of the Banggai archipelago in the North of the Gulf of Tolo, Eastcoast of the island Celebes. The Landscape consists of the archipelago and an adjoining piece of land ashore. The latter part, also named Banggai is part of the subdivision Loewoek (Capital Loewoek). The administrator of the Landscape is seated at Banggai on the island of the same name. The Landscape was a Loan Realm of the Sultanate Ternate.