Public hospital Tanah merah



The Wilhelmina hospital was established at Tanah Merah (Southern New Guinea) in 1927. It was a general public hospital that was established in the prison camp of Upper Digul. See KITLV image bank 1933 no. 19019.
L.J.A. Schoonheyt called this land (Upper Digul) the country of cannibals and communists (G. Kolff & Co. Amsterdam 1940).

See map Hospitals 1940 for the location of the hospital.

Tanahmerah was the main town of the subdepartment Boven Digoel, department Amboina, Residency the Moluccas. The town is reknown because of the prison camp of revolutionaries on the upper course of the river Digoel (Gonggryp 1934, 1380).

See also the Comprehensive atlas of the Netherlands East Indies (Asia Maior, KNAG, 1903) 419.