Rumah Sakit Panti Wilasa Semarang

This hospital was established by a protestant organization at Semarang (Central Java).
The hospital is classified as a category C hospital (reg.code 3374240) with 155 beds.
Its address is: Jalan dr. Cipto no. 50, Semarang.

From the website of this hospital we copied the next information (Google translated):

RS. Pantiwilasa dr Cipto was established in Semarang, Central Java with a commitment to providing quality health services from dedicated and professional staff using the latest technology and high standard facilities for the community.
RS. Pantiwilasa dr Cipto is a national private hospital under YAKKUM (General Christian Health Foundation)

Vision :
To become the community's choice of quality hospital
Quality: as a hospital that is able to provide health services based on love for holistic healing according to the standards of medical services, nursing and medical support in a professional, quality, integrated and growing manner to realize optimal health degrees for the community.

Community Choice: as a hospital that is able to become a reference for the community that has quality and affordable services, full of sincere, warm, and friendly love for the wider community

Organizing a hospital based on love, sustainable and growing