Rumah Sakit Paru Dungus

This hospital is part of the specialist health facilities of the province of Eastern Jawa.
The hospital specializes in lung diseases and is classified as a category C hospital (registration number: 3519012) with a bed capacity of 52 beds.
The hospital employs 171 persons, among whom 17 medical doctors, 65 nurses, 3 midwives and 7 pharmacy personnel.
The hospital is situated on Jalan Raya Dungus at Wungu (Madiun)

The website of the hospital is:

Paru Dungus Hospital is a special lung hospital located in Wungum, Madiun City. RS. Paru Dungus Madiun was founded on July 5, 1939 by the Dutch colonial government through the director Van Economic Zaken. The initial concept of the establishment of the hospital. Paru Dungus Madiun is a Sanatorium (a resting place / isolation for people with lung disease), with the name People's Sanatorium.
It was designated as a Lung Hospital based on Perda No. 37 of 2000 and the Pergub. Number 26 of 2002. In 2009 it was designated as PPK-BLUD Work Unit with gradual status. In 2011 it was designated as an accredited hospital with 5 basic services. In 2012 it was designated as a PPK-BLUD Work Unit with full status.
The vision of the hospital is:
Community's Main Choice Hospital.
The meaning of this vision includes:
To become the first choice hospital and not as an alternative for the former Madiun residents, especially in obtaining general health services in prevention, treatment and rehabilitation efforts with superior services for pulmonary disease.
Strategic Mission
In order for the vision to become a reality, there must be ways to achieve it. The choice of ways to realize the vision is formulated in the mission as follows:
1. Providing services according to standards oriented to customer satisfaction
2. Providing affordable services
3. Increase promotion and cooperation across sectors and programs

Recently the hospital opened an emergency hospital for Covid patients:

The total number of medical and health personnel in this field hospital is 132 people. As many as 60 medical personnel are from Paru Dungus Hospital. The others are from Paru Manguharjo Hospital and dr. Soedono Hospital," explained Hendri.

This emergency hospital is specifically for Covid-19 positive patients without symptoms and mild symptoms. Meanwhile, positive patients who have moderate to severe symptoms will be referred to the Covid-19 referral hospital, dr. Soedono.

"Those who are treated here are expected to be patients who can do activities independently. Patients with mild symptoms. The concept is for patients to be able to do independent activities. If there are patients with mild symptoms but cannot move independently, they still cannot be treated here," said the doctor. The Dungus Lung Hospital.
Each patient treated at the Joglo Field Hospital will undergo a ten-day isolation period. After completing the isolation period, the patient can go home immediately.

The Governor of East Java, Khofifah Indar Parawansa, said that the Joglo Field Hospital is located in Madiun Regency. However, the patients who were brought here did not rule out the possibility that they came from outside Madiun.

He said the construction of the Joglo Dungus Field Hospital was built because there was a tendency for positive cases in the Madiun Raya area to increase in recent times. Even some areas such as Madiun City, Madiun Regency, Ngawi, Ponorogo, Trenggalek, and Nganjuk had status as a red zone.

With the existence of the Joglo Dungus Field Hospital, it is hoped that it can make hospitals in the area relax in the care of Covid-19 patients.

"This is for the expansion of service coverage. So that people get options in handling Covid-19 services," explained the governor.