Rumah Sakit Sumber Hidup GPM

This hospital was estblished by a Protestant Organization at Ambon (Maluku).
it was classified as a category C hospital with 53 beds (regnr. 8171085).
Its address is: Jalan Anthony Rebok no. 11 Kel. Honipopu, Kec. Scrimau, Kota Ambon.

From its website we copied some statements on its recent history (Google translated):

When viewed from the age of Sumber Hidup Hospital, in 2021 it will be 75 years old. In the early years of service, hospital activities were more oriented towards outpatient activities; in the form of examination of pregnant women (Cramp Clinic); later developed into a “Maternity Home”.
In 1980 the GPM Maternity Hospital was further developed into a "Maternity Hospital". In line with the increase in medical services such as surgery, especially Secar, in 1990 it was upgraded to a "General Hospital" until now.