Scheurer hospital

zendingsziekenhuis Solo

The Dokter Scheurer hospital at Klaten was built and financed by the Klatensche Cultuur Maatschappij and was ruled by the Dutch church of Delft. It was built in 1924 and exploited by the Gereformeerde Zending from 1924. About its origin and position document 263 reports: “Already from the end of the previous century, in the 1890s, the administrators of the Klatensche Cultuur Maatschappij, the company with many interests in the present day Residency of Klaten, met to discuss the issue of health care for the population. Charity was not the issue, but the aim was to stimulate the labour power of the population, which was very low, due to many diseases.  The company was consulted by dr. J.G. Sccheurer, at the time medical director of the Petronella-hospitaal at Djokjakarta. He advised to found two auxiliary hospitals at Wedi and at Gajamprit. The personnel in these places was trained by dr. Scheurer. The result of these two auxiliary hospitals of each 24 beds was not encouraging. The hospitals attracted some patients, but not many. Apparently the system of auxiliary hospitals without a central mother hospital did not work. From 1913 to 1922 many meetings took place between the entrepreneurs and the Board to arrive at the founding of such a Central Hospital.

Klaten was a Residency, Regency and District with a main town of the same name. It was situated in the Government of Soerakarta, one of the Principalities of Central Java (Gonggryp 1934, 655).