Nursing Home Psychiatry Banjermasin

In order to reorganize the mental health care in the NI, two new types of psychiatric facilities were introduced in the 1920s:

  • the psychiatric nursing home (Psychiatrisch verpleegtehuis)
  • the psychiatric passage home (Psychiatrisch doorgangshuisIn 1920 It was decided to build a psychiatric nursing home at Bandjermasin (SE Borneo). Because of the budget problems the building process was stopped, but ultimately the psychiatric nursing home at Bandjermasin was completed.
    The health statistics of 1938 mention 6 psychiatric nursing homes (Palembang, Padang, Bandjermasin, Manado, Bangli and Soekolilo). The number of beds for Banjarmasin was 52 (normal capacity) and by the end of that year 58 patients were present

    The old psychiatric nursing home was established in the city of Banjarmasin itself (See Comprehensive Atlas of the Netherlands Indies, p. 364: no. 5 (red) :”Krankzinnigengesticht/Insane asylum”).

(See also: Koloniaal Verslag 1926: Government Decision no. 32 of 16th July 1925 (Bijblad no. 10864) arranges for the number of staff and its renumeration).

Nowadays (2020), the nursing home has been replaced by a psychiatric hospital of 300 beds (location Latitude: -3,39807; Longitude: 114,70550) that is part of the provincial health establishments of the province of Kalimantan Selatan and is settled in the neighborhood of Banjarmasin. The hospital is categorized an Category A hospital ( 6304016). Its name is Rumah Sakit Jiwa Sambang Lihum.