Psychiatry hospital Buitenzorg

  The first psychiatric hospital was established at Buitenzorg (Bogor) near Batavia, in 1882. This new hospital could be compared with the most recent modern psychiatric hospital in the Netherlands, Meerenberg. The central hospital at Buitenzorg was established in a prolonged building project. It started its activities in 1882 and was, compared to the newly built model psychiatric hospital at Santpoort, of royal dimensions and costs: for 212 patients at Buitenzorg the same annual amount was spent, as for 800 patients in Meerenberg. The Buitenzorg hospital gradually acquired extensions and the initially planned capacity of 500 beds was finally achieved. The hospital was situated in an environment with moderate and cool temperatures, away from the unhealthy surroundings of Batavia and with ample space to expand its agrarian compound and buildings for therapeutic activities. The so-called “non-restraint” system, that tried to improve the humane and enlightened treatment of the insane, was intro- duced at the start of this hospital. It was fully applied in 1892.

Nowadays, the first psychiatric hospital of Indonesia is still established in Kota Bogor and ressorts under the Ministry of Health. It is classified as a category A hospital. In general, a category A hospital has 400 + beds and at least 18 medical doctors. The Marzoeki Mahdi hospital is located on the Jalan dr. Sumeru no. 114, postal code 16111. Its registration number is 3271046. It has a capacity of 496 beds operational (2018). The director is dr. H. Bambang (2018).
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The geological situation is Latitude: -6,58333 and Longitude: 106,78077.