Psychiatric Passage Home Gloegoer

As little by little the psychiatric hospitals received patients beyond their maximum capacity, ways were sought to solve this problem.

Two new types of care were introduced:

  • The psychiatric passage home (to look after a careful diagnosis and first admission)
  • The psychiatric nursing home (to look after prolonged stay of patients with minor defects)The opening of one of the establishments of the first category took place on 28th March 1934. It was at Gloegoer (Medan) in the Eastern part of Sumatera.

In one of the documents on the transmission of office (from one resident to his successor) the importance of this establishment was underlined:

‘A very important improvement in the care for psychiatric patients was realized with the opening of the ‘Doorgangshuis’ at Gloegoer. Many efforts had been made to get this establishment. For a long range of time it did not succeed (budgetary reasons hindered the effectuation), but at last all efforts were successful in creating this new type of care. It is not meant to be a psychiatric hospital, but merely a passage home, where the psychiatrist can make a right decision after ample observation: the incurable patients will be placed in a psychiatric hospital, mostly at Sabang, whilst the others will return to their kampongs after the necessary care. The prisons will now be freed from this unusual and undesired public. It end a situation that really may be called an emergency.’ (From: Memorie van Overgave).

The statistics of the year 1936 mention a normal capacity of 200 beds for the Gloegoer establishment. By the end of 1936 the number of hospitalized patients was 246.