Psychiatry hospital Magelang

The psychiatric hospital Magelang was opened in July 1923. It will have 22 pavillons to accommodate patients with severe disorders. Two pavillons will accommodate patients that do not need full care. The investment to build and equip this hospital was ƒ 500,000. (See Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde 64 (1920), 345)

The Governmental Decree no. 4 of 26 June 1923 (Indisch Staatsblad no. 323) arranges for the composition and renumeration of the staff of the  Psychiatric hospital at Magelang (Kedoe). (See Koloniaal Verslag 1924).

The appointment of dr. P.J. Stigter as managing medical doctor of the psychiatric hospital was mentioned in the Nederlands Tijdschrift voor Geneeskunde (NTvG 83 (1939) III.37, 4560). Dr. Stigter was before medical director of the psychiatric hospital Buitenzorg

In 1923 the "Krankzinnigengesticht Kramat" was inaugurated as psychiatric hospital for the region Central java. The hospital is situated at 4 km from the centre of Magelang, near the autoroute which connects the cities of Yogyakarta, Semarang and Purworejo. The hospital is surrounded by the mountain Marap, Merbabu, Andong and Telomoyo in the East, Ungaran in the North and Sumbing and Menoreh in the West and the hill Tidar ("Pakunya-island Java") in the South.

In the course of time the name "Krankzinningengesticht Kramat" was replaced by "Magelang Mental Hospital". 

The hospital was victim of a number of dramatic occasions, among which the eruption of the vulcano Merapi was probably the   most disturbing. Many pavilions had to be evacuated and a lot of damage was caused.

On 22 april 1942 all Dutch members of staff, including the director Dr. P.J Stigter were taken prisoner by the Japanese. 
During the Japanese occupation the hospital management was continued by dr. Soeroyo.
In the period after proclamation of independence the hospital was occupied for some time by the British. The Magelang Mental Hospital was used as post of the PMI Magelang Utara. The director's house was used by the TKR headquarters. 
During the military actions in Secang and Ambarawa, the Magelang Mental Hospital was procuring medicines and nursing staff.

In 1946-1950 the Magelang Mental Hospital was still not functioning well because of the use of departments for evacuation andmilitary purposes. During some time the Hygiene Ofice was housed in the hospital. It was a troublesome time with much damage for buildings, plantations, etc.
Nowadays (2018), the hospital is called: Rumah Sakit Jiwa Prof.dr. Soerojo. Its location is Jalan Ahmad Yani no. 169. The exact location of the hospital is Latitude -7,44 and Longitude: 110,22. The capacity of the hospital is 439 beds and the owner is the Ministery of Health (Kemkes). Its registration number with the KARS is 3371040 and it is awarded a category A status. The website of the hospital is