Psychiatry hospital Solo

The psychiatric Passage home at Solo (Surakarta) was opened on 1 July 1921. This type of organization was created to relieve the burden of psychiatric hospitals, which were mostly overcrowded and had hardly any means to reduce the patient burden. By 1940 there were 6  “Psychiatrische doorgangshuizen”. They were established at Batavia (Grogol), at Semarang (Tawang), at Soerakarta (the former general hospital Mangoendjajan), at Soerabaya (Pegirian), at Medan (Gloegoer) and at Makassar.

The Government took care of recruitment of staff and of its renumeration (See Koloniaal Verslag 1922: The Government Decree of 16 April 1922 no. 24 (Indisch Staatsblad no. 233).

By the end of 1937 the capacity of the Passage Home at Solo was 150 beds and on 31 December 1937 there were 82 male and 71 female patients present at this establishment.

The Comprehensive Atlas of the Netherlands Indies (KNAG, Asia Maior 2003) mentions this hospital, situated on the Mangoendjajan road under number 96.