Tandjong Morawa

This company hospital was founded by the tobacco and rubber company Tandjong Morawa at Loeboek Pakam near Medan, in 1897. The picture is from the KITLV collection, signature 15914, taken in 1940. See Haneveld, From slave hospital to reliable health care in De Moulin. Tandjong Morawa  was opened by the Germans Nacher and Grob, which became the head office of the Senembah Company. Tandjong Morawa, a mix of the local name of Tandjong and Morawa or Moravia in the former Chechoslowakia, was the first tobacco plantation in Serdang, established West of Medan at the Pertjoet river.Tandjong (Tanjung) Morawa today is still the head office of PTP II, one of the present Indonesian national plantation companies.