Sanatorium Batoe


Badhotel Songgoriti TMnr 10017669

The Sanatorium Batoe-Songgoriti was established by the Centrale Vereniging tot bestrijding van Tuberculose (Central Association to combat tuberculosis) about 1928. In 1929 it received subsidy for the first time : ƒ 3,850. At that moment its bed capacity was 25 beds, of which an average number of 19 was occupied (6,954 nursing days). At Batoe the system of family nursing was applied: a  sick person could rent a small house at a low renting price. The whole family went there to live and care for the patient, who had his own room with a gallery. The family looked after its daily expenses by doing pasar-work or other jobs. Mantri-nurses were given a training for paying home visits. In 1936 the bed capacity was 80 beds (27,541 nursing days).

Batoe and Songgoritti were situated in the mountainous area of the Gunung Boetak and the Gunung Kawi in the Residency of Malang and the district of Poedjon in the province of East Java (Gonggryp 1934, 582).