Venereal hospital Manggar

At. Manggar (Billiton) a new hospital was founded to treat venereal diseases, especially syphilis.
It was founded by the government, but it only continued its existence to the 1st March 1911, like all the other institutions to treat syphilitic women.

The vast category of hospitals for syphilis closed due to a drastic change in medical policies. This occurred in 1911, when the Civil Medical Service executed the recommendations of the Reorganization Commission of 1906 relating to the inspection and care of patients with syphilis. The Commission based its conclusion on the fact that there was no evidence that the financial means used for the inspection and the compulsory hospitalization of prostitutes had achieved a positive effect.
Internationally this kind of regulations had already been condemned in 1877, when the Congress held at Geneva pronounced: “La Section d’Hygiène constate le complet insucces de tous les systèmes de police des moeurs ayant pour but de règlementer la pros-titution…” In 1908, la France abolished its legal regulations concerning prostitution and the NI Government followed these international developments by abolishing the medical examinations of prostitutes by physicians from 1 March 1911. Consequently, from this date all the hospitals for women with syphilis were closed.