Venereal hospital Poerwakarta

This mission hospital at Purwakarta (Krawang) was founded by the ‘Comité voor Medische Zending op West-Java’ about 1930.
In the Indisch Verslag 1930, annex O a foundation subsidy is mentioned of f 60.000 and a subsidy of f 7684,97 for personnel and of  f 5359,25 for remaining costs. In 1924 the first steps were taken to take over the public hospital at Poerwakarta, formerly called the Stadsverband. Actually, the transmission took place and the small hospital with only a small capacity was reshaped into a  bigger well-equipped hospital giving room to a few hundred patients. The nurses and pupils are trained to become diplomed mantris. In the neighbourhood nurses are performing social work.  In 1938 plans are executed to perform Assaineeringswerken for this hospital. See Indisch Verslag 1938.