To the Management of Indonesian hospitals, especially to RSUD Dr. Soekardjo

Dear Recipient,

During my research on the history of medical health in Indonesia I developed a vast database on individual hospitals. 
I got my PhD on the publication: Patients of the colonial state, the rise of a hospital system in the Netherlands Indies 1890-1940. 


This publication derives its importance on a unique database of approx. 700 hospitals. This database can be consulted through

This website was designed to enable interested visitors to participate in the database.

The website contains information on all kinds of colonial hospitals, varying from military and public to private and company hospitals in Indonesia. The data on each individual hospital contains description, images and place of establishment. The structure is divided into general hospitals and specialized hospitals, each with a subdivision. 

Actual situation

In the meantime, the origin of many hospitals has been hidden by a large span of time. Nevertheless, it may be worthwhile to look back for purposes of medical history and individual curiosity. At occasions of celebrations or jubilees of individual hospitals, the organizing committee may be writing a jubilee edition and may want to reach back in the distant past and know about achievements and people that were important and helpful to further the development of the organization.

Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah dr. Soekardjo

The website is actualized by its owner through references to the present Healthcare of Indonesia.

This means that the information on a number of now existing hospitals is actualized, including Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Dr. Soekardjo

I would be much obliged if you could pay attention to this information and could sent me additional data on the performance of your hospital. In general, I would appreciate when you cooperate in making my database and website more widely known.  

If interested, you may apply for a copy of my dissertation.
For further information please contact me by addressing

Kind regards,

Dr. Sjoerd Zondervan

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