Gemeentelijk Algemeen Ziekenhuis Bandoeng

.11939 Hoofdgebouw Alg Zkhs Bandoeng 1920

Pictures of the construction in 1920. KITLV code 33846.

At a very early stage,round 1877, Schoute reports of a small Inlands hospital at Bandoeng in the Priangan region. The hospital of the picture at Bandoeng (West Java) was one of the first municipal hospitals of the Netherlands Indies. It was built in 1920 and had a bed capacity of 214. At that time most hospitals were either government hospitals or private hospitals. From: Mededeelingen DVG XXVIII (1939) 61: The municipal hospital of Bandoeng joined the institutions that trained midwives.

Bandoeng was main town of the Residency of Priangan and name of the Regency in which this town was situated. It was an importanat city with a municipal council and a mayor. The municipality had 166,722 inhabitants, of whom 19,664 Europeans and 17,140 Chinese. The army commander resides here and many important public facilities were housed in Bandoeng: Institute Pasteur,  Technical University, Java’sche Bank and the Nederlandse Handels Maatschappij. (Gonggryp 1934, 74).

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