Company hospitals

Company Hospitals Place Island Founded Closed
Hospital Pasoeroean Pasoeroean Java East
Cy hospital Ajer Tawar Ajer Tawar (SOK) Sumatra East 1918
Cy. hospital Alur Purba Aloer Poerba Sumatra North 1927
Cy. hospital Balikpapan Balikpapan Borneo SO 1906
Cy hospital Balimbingan Balimbingan (Simeloengoen) Sumatra East 1927
Cy hospital Banda Banda Neira Moluccas 1888
Cy hospital Bangkatan Bangkattan (SOK) Sumatra East 1918
Cy hosp.Batang Toru Batang Toroe (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West 1915
Cy. hosp.Tandjung Morawa Batangkoewis (Deli) Sumatra East 1903
Cy. hospital KPM Batavia Java West 1914
Cy. hospital Batjan Laboeha Moluccas
Central hospital Bekiun Bekioen (Upper Langkat) Sumatra East 1918
Central hospital Bindjai Bindjai Estate (Upper Langkat) Sumatra East 1917
Aux.hosp. Wedi  Wedi (Klaten) Java Central  1901 1922
Cy. hospital BPM Boela (Ceram) Moluccas 1934
Djasinga hospital Buitenzorg (Batavia) Java West 1917
Cy. hospital Arendsburg Deli-Serdang Sumatra East 1903
Cy. hospital Goedo Djombang Java East 1926
Cy. hospital Pagongan Doekoewringin (Tegal) Java Central 1920
Siantar Dokter Fonds Dolok Merangir Sumatra East 1927
Aux. hospital Gajamprit Gajamprit (Klaten) Java Central 1901 1922
Cy. hospital Gending Gending (res.Probolinggo) Java East 1922
Asylum Immigrants Gloegoer (Medan) Sumatra East
Cy.hosp.Gunung Melaju Goenoeng Melajoe (Asahan) Sumatra East 1918
Cy. hosp. Huta Padang Hoeta Padang (Ressort Kisaran) Sumatra East 1929
Cy. hospital Kaba Wetan Kaba Wetan Sumatra South 1928
Batak hospital Kabanjahe (Deli) Sumatra East 1921
Kampong Minjak Kampong Minjak (Palembang) Sumatra South 1906
Cy. hospital Kendalpaijak Kendalpaijak (Pasoeroean) Java East 1900
Central hospital Kisaran Kisaran (Ressort Kisaran) Sumatra East 1918
Cy hospital Tuntungan Toentoengan estate (Deli Serdang) Sumatra North 1913
Cy Randu Gunting Klaten Java Central 1920
Scheurer hospital Klaten (Soerakarta) Java Central 1924
Kualasimpang Koealasimpang (North Atjeh) Sumatra North 1919
Cy hospital Seloredjo Seloredjo (res. Soerabaja) Java East
Timbang Langkat Langkat Sumatra North 1905
Central Hospital Langsa Langsa (Atjeh) Sumatra North 1919
Mining Cy Simau Lebongtandai (Benkoelen) Sumatra South 1910
Cy hosp. Lima Pulu Lima Poeloe Sumatra East 1918
Cy hosp. Lubuk Dalam Loeboek Dalam (SOK) Sumatra East 1900
Cy hosp. Tandjung Morawa Loeboek Pakam (Medan) Sumatra East
Cy hospital Mabar Mabar (UpperLangkat) Sumatra East 1918
Cy hospital Martabing Martabing (Ressort Tebing Tinggi) Sumatra East 1918
Hospital Deli Cy Medan Sumatra East 1900
Cy hospital Modjokerto Modjokerto Java East 1930
Cy hosp. Muara djawa Moearadjawa Borneo SO 1906
Cy hospital Bajubang Bajubang (Djambi)  Sumatra South  1932
 Cy hospital Medari Medari (Yogyakarta) Java Central 1914
Padang Bulan Padang Boelan (Ressort Medan) Sumatra East 1900
Padang Brahrang Padang Brahrang Sumatra East 1928
Cy hospital DSM Padang Brayan (Medan) Sumatra East 1929
Pangkalan Brandan Pangkalan Brandan (SOK) Sumatra East 1913
Cy hospital HVA Pare (Kediri) Java East 1906
Cy hospital Pager Alam Pasoemah-landen (Palembang) Sumatra South 1906
Cy hospital Pasemah Pasoemah-landen (Palembang) Sumatra South 1906
Cy hospital Langsee Pati (Semarang) Java Central 1925 1937
NV Kliniek United Sugar Pekalongan Java Central
Cy hospital Pengarang Pengarang (Pengaron) Borneo SO
Cy hospital Perbaungan Perboengan (Serdang en Deli) Sumatra East 1918
Cy hospital Perlak Perlak (Ressort Tandjong Poera) Sumatra East 1929
Cy hospital Petumbukan Petoemboekan (Loeboek Pakam) Sumatra East 1906
Cy hospital BPM Pladjoe (Palembang) Sumatra South 1930
Mine hospital Puput Poepoet (District Soengeislan) Banka 1909
Rantau Pandjang Rantau Pandjang (SOK) Sumatra East 1918
Wingfoot hospital Rantauparapat Sumatra North 1919
Cy hospital Sabang Sabang (Atjeh) Sumatra North  1898
Ind. hosp Samarinda Samarinda Borneo East 1906
Eur. hosp. Samarinda Samarinda Borneo East 1906
Sanga Sanga Dalam Sanga Sanga Dalam Borneo SO 1906
Hospital Ombilin mines Sawahloento Sumatra West
Cy hospital Serbadjadi Serbadjadi (Serdang en Deli) Sumatra East 1906 1925
Cy hospital Seruway Seroeway (Ressort Medan) Sumatra East 1929
Cy hospital Seunagan Seunagan (West Atjeh) Sumatra North
Cy hospital Siantar Siantar Sumatra East 1918
Silowok Sawangan Silowok Sawangan (Pekalongan) Java Central 1927
Cy hospital Simelungun Simeloengan (Ressort Siantar) Sumatra East 1918
Cy hospital Sinabang Sinabang (Eiland Simaloer, Sumatra) Sumatra West 1910
Nanga Djetah Sintang Borneo West 1920
Cy hospital Elisabeth Sitoebondo (Besoeki) Java East
Agricultural Establishment Soekaradja Soekaradja Java East
Sungei Berdjankar Soengei Berdjankar (Siantar) Sumatra East 1918
Sungei Bulu Soengei Boeloe (Serdang en Deli) Sumatra East 1918
Central Hospital K.M. 28 Soengei Pait (Palembang) Sumatra South
Sungei Sengkol Soengei Sengkol (Ressort Medan) Sumatra East 1929
Sungei Sikambing Soengei Sikambing (Serdang en Deli) Sumatra East 1918
Sungei-Liat Soengei-Liat (res. Banka) Banka 1909
Cy hospital Swaru Swaroe (Pasoeroean) Java East 1901
Cy hospital Tanah Besi Tanah Besi (Ressort Tebing Tinggi) Sumatra East 1918
Catharinahospital HAPM Tanah Radja (Ressort Kisaran) Sumatra East 1922
Cy hospital Tanah Radja Tanah Radja (Ressort Kisaran) Sumatra East 1929
Clinic Tandjungpandan Tandjoengpandan (Billiton) Billiton 1933
Tandjong Balei Tandjong Balei (Ressort Kisaran) Sumatra East 1929
Tandjong Kassau Tandjong Kassau (Ressort Tebing Tinggi) Sumatra East 1918
Tandjong Pasir Tandjong Pasir (Asahan) Sumatra East 1918
Tandjong Slamat Tandjong Slamat Sumatra East 1905
Cy hospital Tarakan Tarakan Borneo NE 1906
Cy Hospital Tarutung Taroetoeng (North Tapanoeli) Sumatra West 1920
Cy hospital Tebing Tinggi Ressort Tebing Tinggi Sumatra East 1918
Central hosp. Telok Dalam Telok Dalam (Ressort Kisaran) Sumatra East 1918
Cy hospital Comal Tjomal (res. Tegal) Java Central
Cy hospital Tulungredjo Toeloengredjo (Kediri) Java East

2 thoughts on “Company hospitals

  1. Re: Among company hospitals I miss is the small hospital of the Batjan Explotatie Mij, and the relation to the “zaak Abbema” in the late 19th century (even discussed in Dutch parliament- check old Indische bladen on Delpher). Also the hospitaal of the prison camp Nusakembangan is not listed as far as I can see.


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