Inlands hospitaal Padang

The Inlands Hospitaal (Indigenous hospital) at Padang was established in 1909. The NI Staatsblad 1909 nr. 66 of 1 Februaary 1909 (NI Statute Book) mentions that for the Inlandsche ziekeninrichting to be founded  a staff of 6 persons will be appointed:  1 hoofd mandoer (chief supervisor) with a monthly pay of ƒ 30; 1 mandoer  (supervisor) at a monthly pay of ƒ 20; 2 male attendants (ƒ 12 to ƒ 15 per month) and 2 female servants (also ƒ 12 toƒ 15).

Padang has a large military hospital that takes care of the training of mantri nurses (Regeeringsalmanak 1942, vol. I, 310).

The main city Padang, seat of the Resident(Formerly Governor) of Sumatra West Coast had almost 52,000 inhabitants, among whom 2,600 Europeans and 7,200 Chinese. Padang had a municipality council and a mayor (Gonggryp 1934, 1093).

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