Military hospitals

Military Hospitals Place Island Founded Closed
Garrison hospital Willem I Ambarawa (Semarang) Java Central  1867
Garrison hospital Ambon Ambon Moluccas  1867
Garrison hospital Amuntai Amoentai Borneo SE  1867
Infirmary Anjer Anjer (Bantam) Java West  1867
Infirmary Atapupu Atapoepoe Timor West  1867
Infirmary Airbangis Ayer Bangies Sumatra North 1867
Infirmary Balangnipa Balang Nipa (Bonthain) Celebes SW  1867
Garrison hospital Banda Banda Moluccas  1867
Garrison hospital Banjarmasin Bandjermasin Borneo SE  1867
Infirmary Bangkalan Bangkallan Madoera  1867
Infirmary Banyuwangi Banjoewangi (Bezoeki) Java East 1867
Infirmary Batujajar Batoedjadjar (Bandoeng) Java West 1890
Infirmary Bengkulu Benkoelen (Benkoelen) Sumatra South  1867
Infirmary Besuki Bezoeki (Bezoeki) Java East  1867
Military hospital Bojong Bodjong (Semarang) Java Central 1867
Infirmary Bantaeng Bonthain Celebes SW  1867
Infirmary Bogor Buitenzorg (Batavia) Java West  1867
Military hospital Jambi Djambi Sumatra South  1867
Infirmary Lubuk Sikaping  Loeboek Sikaping Sumatra
Military hospital Semarang Djatingaleh (Semarang) Java Central 1921
Garrison hospital Yogyakarta Djokjakarta Java Central
Garrison hospital Bukittinggi Fort de Cock Sumatra West
Infirmary Gunung Sitoli Goenoeng Sitoli (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West 1909
Garrison hospital Gombong Gombong (Bagelen) Java Central
Infirmary Gorontalo Gorontalo (Gorontalo) Celebes North
Infirmary Kediri Kediri (Kediri) Java East
Infirmary Kepahiang Kepahiang (Benkoelen) Sumatra South
Infirmary Klaten Klatten (Soerakarta) Java Central
Garrison hospital Kupang Koepang Timor
Infirmary Kupang Koepang Timor
Garrison hospital Kotaraja Koeta Radja (Atjeh) Sumatra North 1902
Infirmary Lahat Lahat Sumatra South
Garrison hospital Lhokseumawe Lho Seumawe (Atjeh) Sumatra North 1926
Garrison hospital Magelang Magelang (Kedoe) Java Central
Garrison hospital Ujung Pandang Makassar Celebes
Garrison hospital Malang Malang Java East
Garrison hospital Martapura Martapoera Borneo SE
Military hospital Medan Medan Sumatra East 1915
Infirmary Manado Menado (Minahasa) Celebes North
Infirmary Muara Dua Moeara Doea Sumatra South
Infirmary Muara Kompeh Moeara Kompeh (Djambi) Sumatra South
Infirmary Muara Teweh Moeara Teweh Borneo SE
Garrison hospital Mentok Muntok (Banka) Banka
Garrison hospital Ngawi Ngawi (Madioen) Java Central
Garrison hospital Pulau Kapal Onrust (Batavia) Java West  1867  1888
Garrison hospital Padang Padang Sumatra West
Garrison hospital Padang Panjang Padang Pandjang Sumatra West
Infirmary Padang Sidempuan Padang Sidempoean (Tapanoeli) Sumatra North
Infirmary Payakumbuh Pajakoemboeh Sumatra West
Garrison hospital Palembang Palembang Sumatra South
Infirmary Palimanan Palimanan (Cheribon) Java West
Garrison hospital Pangkal Pinang Pangkal Pinang (Banka) Banka
Garrison hospital Plantungan Pelantoengan (Semarang) Java Central 1908
Infirmary Pelarang Pelarang (Koetei) Borneo SE
Infirmary Pengaron Pengaron Borneo SE
Infirmary Pleihari Pleyhari Borneo SE
Garrison hospital Kedung Kebo Poerworedjo (res. Kedoe) Java Central
Garrison hospital Pontianak Pontianak Borneo West
Infirmary Rantau Rantau Borneo SE
Infirmary Rau Rau Sumatra North  1867 1890
Garrison hospital Riau Riouw Riouw
Garrison hospital Salatiga Salatiga (Semarang) Java Central
Infirmary Salajar Saleyer Celebes SW
Infirmary Sambas Sambas Borneo West
Infirmary Sampit Sampit Borneo SE
Infirmary Saparua Saparoea (Amboina) Moluccas
Infirmary Segiri Segiri Borneo SE
Military hospital Semarang Semarang Java Central
Military hospital Serang Serang (Bantam) Java West
Infirmary Siak Siak (Bengkalis) Sumatra East
Garrison hospital Sibolga Sibolga Sumatra West
Military hospital Sigli Sigli (Noord-Atjeh) Sumatra North 1917
Garrison hospital Singkawang Singkawang Borneo West
Infirmary Singkel Singkel (Atjeh) Sumatra North
Garrison hospital Sintang Sintang Borneo West
Infirmary Loeboek Sikaping  Loeboek Sikaping  Sumatra  West  1890
Military hospital Surabaya Soerabaya (Simpang) Java East  1867  1923
Garrison hospital Surakarta Soerakarta Java Central  1867
Infirmary Solok Solok Sumatra West
Infirmary Talang Padang Talang Padang Sumatra West
Infirmary Tanjung Tandjong Borneo SE
Military hospital Tanjung Pinang Tandjong Pinang (Riouw) Riouw
Garrison hospital Tebing Tinggi Tebing Tinggi Sumatra South  1839  1907
Garrison hospital Teluk Betung Telok-Betung (Lampongse Districten) Sumatra South
Garrison hospital Ternate Ternate Moluccas
Garrison hospital Cilacap Tjilatjap (Banjoemas) Java Central  1830  1894
Military hospital Cimahi Tjimahi (Preanger) Java West 1897
Garrison hospital Toboali Toboali (Banka) Banka  1867
Military hospital Weltevreden Weltevreden (Batavia) Java West  1797

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