Auxiliary hospital Okaba

The auxiliary hospital at  Okaba was established in the 1930s in the South Eastern part of New Guinea. Okaba was situated in between Merauke and Frederik Hendrik Island. The Gouvernements Indisch arts (Indigenous Government doctor) of Merauke visited the region on a regular base and found a rather high prevalence of venereal granuloma. Some 2 or 3 % of the population was affected, including very young people. From:  Mededeelingen van de DVG ( Bulletin of the Public Health Service) XXVIII 2-3: 57-136: The five auxiliary hospitals at Moeting, Poëpe, Okaba, Komolon and Kimaän admitted regularly these venereal granuloma patients.

In the 1930s, this region belonged to the Residency of the Moluccas. The southeastern part to which the island Frederik Hendrik belonged, was part of the Division Amboina and was directly ruled. This part consists of the subdivisions : 1. South-New Guinea; 2. Upper-Digul. This subdivision stretches out from Cape Steenboom (Pulau Naurio) to the Bensbachriver. The region of South New Guinea had 16,354 inhabitants of whom 75 Europeans, 420 Chinese and 350 Papua. Its capital was Merauke (Gonggryp 1934, 1565).

See also General hospitals 1940 – Google maps for the location of the hospital.

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