Central Hospital Hollandia

76853 Centraal zkhs Hollandia 1959

Central Hospital Hollandia, New Guinea

KITLV code 76853

The Central Hospital was established in 1952 at Hollandia (Nieuw Guinea). The hospital was a public general hospital. Its personnel was appointed by the government.

From the Ned.T. Geneesk. 102.II.42 In the annual report of 1957 (5 years after the founding of the hospital) a large increase of activities was reported: the number of admittances was in 1957 3,106 (74,866 nursing days). On average 205 beds were occupied. Average length of stay: 24 nursing days. The number of surgical operations was: 1,330. The number of deliveries was 380. A lot of tuberculosis cases was reported (80 patients). The training of nurses was well on its way: 41 female pupils and 76 male.

In the meantime, a new Central Hospital was under construction, completed in 1959.

Hollandia used to be the subdepartment with town of the same name on the Northern part of Nieuw Guinea of the department Ternate of the Residency of the Moluccas. (Gonggryp 1934, 437). It was a small town, which was enlarged with the coming of the US Army in 1945. The US Army built a hospital complex and base at Hollandia-Binnen  (Comprehensive Atlas of the Netherlands East Indies, p.428).

One thought on “Central Hospital Hollandia

  1. I still need about first doctor and nurse who works here since first time and who owner or built this hospital? Government or zending?


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