Civil Hospital Manado

Civiel ziekengesticht Menado 1900 (1403527)

Civil Hospital Manado 1900
KITLV code 1403527

The  Civil Hospital of Manado dates from 1902. Building plans date from 1890,but the actual construction took place in 1901. The Bijblad bij het Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie (Supplement to the NI Statutebook) no. 5674 (Decision Governor General W. Rooseboom no. 24 of 12 January 1902) mentions the appointment of personnel for ƒ 82.50 per month. This fund provided for the salaries of one ziekenvader (male superintendant) at a monthly pay of ƒ 20 and two  female and three male servants each at a monthly pay of ƒ 12.50. Later on it was upgraded into a Gouvernements Burgerlijke Ziekeninrichting (Government Civil Hospital). In 1936, a complete new hospital with 110 beds was financed by the Minahasa Jubileum Stichting. It was called the Queen Wilhelmina Hospital. It opened its doors in August 1936. The running costs and maintenance of the hospital was provisionally taken care of by the NI Government until the stadsgemeente (City municipality) started. From that moment the hospital was a municipal hospital.

Menado or Manado is the name of the principal town of the Residency with the same name, situated in the northern part of the Island of Celebes. The region is called Minahasa. The town of Manado has 27,500 inhabitants,of whom 1,400 Europeans and  6,000 Chinese. Its has a municipality council and a mayor (Gonggryp 1934, 809).

Bijdragen KITLV 1924 (BKI 80): The Officer of Health A.C.N. Bouvy published aan article: De Minahasa en de geneeskunst (364-396), in which he describes the miserable condition of this hospital and sketches what will be needed for a well-equipped central hospital for the Minahasa region. (This hospital will be realized when the funds of the Wilhelmina Jubileum Stichting will become available).

The Annex 13808 to the NI Staatsblad of 1937 of 9 February 1937 describes the use and tariffs of GBZs and allows the Queen Wilhelmina Hospital to charge the nursing classes 2, 3 and 4 (tariffs: ƒ 6; ƒ 3 and ƒ  1.50).

Nowadays the hospital at Menado is called Rumah Sakit Umum Provinsial Prof.Dr. R.D. Kandou and is registrated by the Ministry of Health (7171013) and classified in Quality class A, belonging to the Kemkes organization. Its address: Jalan Raya  Tanawangko no. 56, Manado.  Website:

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