Exile hospital Banda Neira

From Schoute: p.922-923: On the island of Banda Neira (part of the South Moluccas) the medical treatment belonged to the tasks of the Civil Medical Service (BGD). The treatment of exiled convicts was commissioned to the officers of health (military doctors who had an assignment with the BGD.. From 1839  a local was available for sick convicts. The medical inspector called it a good provision. In 1847 a hospital was founded that served the so-called “perkslaves” as well. The hospital was well situated, in a healthy surrounding and had three large wards and a small one. The latter being used for female patients. The hospital was closed in May 1888, when the perkeniers founded their own hospital: the perkeniershospital. (Perkeniers were the owners of parcels of land, called “perken” which cultivated spices).

Banda  Neira was in the 1930s the main town of the island of Banda, which was a subdepartment of the Residency Amboina of the Government of the Moluccas under a gezaghebber (authorrity). The subdivision consists of the proper Banda islands: Groot Banda or Lontor Besar, Rozengain, Goenoeng and Roen Api and some 3 other islands. Banda used to be a residency. In 1599 Jacob van heemskerck arrived at Lontor; in 1619 the Dutch East India Company (VOC) took the islands in her ownership. Some 1,000 indigenous people departed to neighbouring islands. Nutmeg was monopolized and the land was parted to servants of the Company, who were called perkeniers. In 1864 the monopoly was lifted and then the perkeniers saw a golden era with much profit (1870-1894).  Subsequently a period of deep recession took place. The many large and beautiful, but  empty houses indicate the period of wealth. except for the indigenous population of mixed race, a numerous Arab community settled on Banda (Gonggryp 1934, 72-73)/

See also the Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost Indiee (Asia maior/KNAG, 1903) with a town plan of Banda Neira,indicating the location of the hospital and the location of the perks (p. 406).

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