GBZ Bonthain

The Gouvernements Burgerlijkee Ziekeninrichting (Government Civil Hospital) at Bonthain was established in 1913 (Decision Director Onderwijs en Eeredienst of 17 July 1913, no. 12209). It was mentioned in the Annex to the NI Staatsblad no. 11446 of 30 August 1927, in which the use, personnel and tariffs of Inlandsche hospitals was regulated. It was one of the smaller government civil hospitals and only entitled to admit patients in nursing class 4 (nursing price ƒ 1,50 per day). (See also Annex  to the Indisch Staatsblad no. 13808 of 9 February 1937).

Bonthain was an administrative department, sub-department and district, all three carrying the same name. The capital town was also named Bonthain. Bonthain was part of the Government of Celebes en Onderhoorigheden. The principal administrative officer is called assistent-resident. The department had 350,000 inhabitants, of whom 150 Europeaans and 1000 Chinese.(Gonggryp 1934, 160).

Bonthain is situated on the southern part of Sulawesi, southeast of Makassar. See for a townplan the Grote Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indie (Asia maior/knag, 2003) p. 379

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