GBZ Kayutanam

Koloniaal Verslag 1902 (p. 206) mentions this hospital that was established in 1900 to nurse 200 sick convicts at Kajoetanam, department Priaman in the Upper lands of Padang (Westcoast Sumatra). The Supplement to the Staatsblad van Nederlands-Indie (NI Statutebook) mentions the Decision of 13 December 1900 (Besluit GG no 16 of 9 January 1904) that held the appointment of: one Hoofdmandoer (Chief supervisor) on a monthly pay of ƒ 30;one mandoer (supervisor) on a monthly pay of ƒ 20 and five mandoers (supervisors) on a monthly pay of ƒ 15 each; two attendants on a monthly pay of ƒ 10 each with the condition that for every 25 patients, exceeding the number of 150 another mandoer on a monthly payment of 15 may be appointed. For small expenses an allowance of  ƒ 20 is accorded. See Government Decision of 5  December 1908 no. 22 and Supplement of the NI Statutebook of 9 February 1937. The hospital was a small one with only class 4 patients (nursing fee ƒ 1,50).

From 1905, Kajoetanam was a vaccine-district, comprising the Laras VI Lingkoeng and the autonomous negri (negorijen) Goegoek, Kajoetanam, Indoering, Kapaloilalang, Sitjintjin,Smitoek, Loeboekaloeng, Poengoeng Karsik and Toboh Gadang. The permanent post of the vaccinator was Kajoetanam.

See General hospitals 1940- Google maps, for the location of the town of Kajoetanam.


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