GBZ Kuningan

The Gouvernements Burgerlijke Ziekeninrichting (Government Civil Hospital) at Koeningan was established as soon as 1877 as Inlands hospitaal, mainly founded to control syphilitic prostitutes (Schoute, GTNI 75 (1935) 10, 828. From 1911 this destination was past (In that year all hospitals for syphilitic women were closed) and it became a general hopital, later on called GBZ. The hospital was mentioned in the Annex to the NI Staatsblad (Statute Book) no. 11446 of 30 August 1927: “Vaststelling van de Regelen betreffende de bestemming van Gouvernments burgerlijke ziekeninrichtingen,de formatie van het personeel, zoomede de kosten van verpleging in die inrichtingen.”( Regulation of target groups, personnel and tariffs of GBZs). The GBZ at Koeningan could admit patients in the nursing classes 3 and 4 (nursing fees ƒ 3 and ƒ 1,50). In the Indisch Verslag 1937 is mentioned that the hospital at Koeningan, which had been closed some years before, was transferred to the Regency for renewed exploitation.The Regency hospital of Koeningan continued from 1937 the services that before had been the GBZ services.

Koeningan was a Regency, District and subdistrict with a capital of the same name of the Residency of Cheribon in the province of Central Java. The Regency had 385,000 inhabitants of whom 300 Europeans and 5,000  Chinese. It was known for its horses: the Koeningan horses.(Gonggryp 1934, 664).

See also: General hospitals 1940- Google maps for the location of town and hospital.

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