Hospital Kangean

This hospital was founded about 1920 at Ardjasa on the Kangean Archipelago near Madoera.

The Dutch writer E.du Perron wrote about these islands in the Review Indische Letteren (3rd edition): He recommended the articles of Controleur Peynon about the archipelago and asked the attention of the world for the unhealthy condition of its population: about the whole population suffered from framboesia tropicana. The association ‘Baras Kangean- Kangean healthy’ took as its mission to fight this disease under guidance of the medical doctor O.L.Fanggidaej. The results had been encouraging. Kangean used to be a place of exile, a place for convicts and so not the most noble part of the Indonesian population was gathered there.

Kangean was in the 1930s a group of islands East of Madura, a district of the regency of Sumenep, Residency Madura, province of East Java.The indigenous inhabitants originally were Madurese, but are nowadays strongly mixed with Makassarese, Buginese and Balinese people (Gonggryp 1934, 618).

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