Hospital Landscape Kolonedale

A Landschap in the Netherlands Indies was a self-governing administrative unity. As the decentralization policy of the NI Government progressed, not only regencies, municipalities or provinces, but also Landschappen took over existing hospitals from the central government. One of the examples was the Landschapsziekenhuis Kolonodale in Central Celebes, which was mentioned in a Memorie van Overgave (Transfer of Office) of May 1941 from the Resident M. van Rijn to his successor F.Ch.H. Hirschmann: in the section about medical ressorts a paragraph was included of the existing hospitals. It reads:The Landschapsziekenhuis at Kolonedale was founded in 1930 with a capacity of 32 beds, now 40 beds. Renovation of surgery, laboratory and kitchens took place in 1938, but further repairs were postponed in view of the unfavorable times. The Resident proposed to improve the budget for food, as many malnourished patients had been admitted lately (p. 132). In the same document (p. 118) the management is entrusted to an officer of health, who is in charge of the Public Medical Service in the subdepartment Kolonedale. The same functionary supervises the Landschap polyclinics.

Kolonedale is a subdepartment of the department Poso of the Residency Manado. Kolonedale or Kolonodale is situated in central Celebes (Sulawesi).

See also General hospitals 1940- Google maps, for the location of the town and hospital.

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