indigenous hospital Banjarmasin

Staatsblad n0.65 of 1 February 1909 mentions about an indigenous hospital that is being built of an appointment that has been realized for 1 mandoer at a monthly salary of 20 guilders and 1 servant on a monthly salary of 15 guilders.

In the 1930s Bandjermasin was a district and principal city of the Residency Zuider- en Oosterafdeeling van Borneo. It used to be the Residence of the sultans of the Realm of Bandjermasin and is situated between the rivers Bantopoera and Martapoera. It is a  pros-perous commercial city of 64,000 inhabitants. From 1609 the first commercial contacts between Sultan and VOC date, but only in 1860 the realm was occupied and the NI Government witnessed before and afterwards many uprisings. In 1865 the LowerLands were pacified, but it took 40 years more to pacify the Upper Lands of the Realm (Gonggryp 1934, 73-74).

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