Indigenous hospital Belawan

This public hospital was established at Belawan on the Eastcoast of Sumatra about 1900.The Government Decision to announce the founding of this hospital for civilians was taken in 1900. (Gouvernementsbesluit of 19 March 1900 nr. 24). The Regeeringsalmanak 1911 (Grondgebied en Bevolking) mentions for the first time a special arrangement for indigenous hospitals and their personnel and the Government Decision of 19 March 1900, nr. 24 is the base for financing as  public hospital. The Regeeringsalmanak 1926 does not mention this hospital any more, meaning that it most probably had been closed in the meantime.

See: Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost-Indie (Asia Maior/KNAG, 2003): Laboehan-Deli and Belawan (Residency Oostkust van Sumatra, Division Deli and Serdang, subdivision Lower Deli). Until 1890, all shipping from Deli passed through the Sultanate’s inadequate old harbour of Laboehan-Deli, situatedsome 20 km north of Medan near the mouth of the Deli-river. The map of page 96 shows the situation after the completion of the DSM railway line toMedan in 1888, when a new harbour was opened on the western shore of the island of Belawan between the river of that name and the Deli-river. As this port too, soon became too small for Deli’s ever increasing exports, a new deep sea port accessible to the largest ocean liners of the time was built during 1912-1921 on the north coast of the Belawan island.

The Annual Report of the BGD (Civil Medical Service) of 1902 mentions a hospital for contagious diseases at Belawan in Labuan-Deli. This must have been the Quarantaine station Poeloe Berhala. See under Specialized hospitals, subcategory: Other.


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