Indigenous hospital (GBZ) Bondowoso

This Gouvernements Burgerlijke Ziekeninrichting started in 1890 as a rather small indigenous hospital. It was situated at Bondowoso in the Residency of Besoeki  (East Java). The Supplement of the Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie no. 11446 of 30 August 1927 gives regulations for a number of Government Civil Hospitals  as to the status, the size of the staff and the tariffs and classifies this hospital as one that is authorized to nurse 4th class patients at a tariff of f 1.50. Ten years later the so-called GBZs are decentralized and taken over by local or regional councils or by missionary organizations.

In the 1930s, Bondowoso was the capital of the Residency Bezoeki in the province of East Java. The Residency had 2,081,867 inhabitants. Its boundaries were Strait Madoera (North), Strait Bali (East), Indian Ocean and Residency Probolinggo (West). In Bondowoso and Djember the cultures of tobacco and sugar are the main crops (Gonggryp 1934, 135, 159).

See General hospitals 1940 – Google, for an exact location of the town of Bondowoso.

See Grote Atlas van Nederlandsch Oost-Indie (Asia maior/knag, 2003) p. 340 for a townplan of Bondowoso.



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