Indigenous hospital (GBZ) Ngawi

The Inlands (Indigenous) hospital at Ngawi was about to start its activities in 1909, as may be concluded from NI Staatsblad no. 62 of 1 February 1909, reading:  to appoint at the op te richten (to be established) Inlandsch hospital: 1 mandoer (supervisor) on a monthly salary of ƒ 15 and 1 male or female servant on a monthly salary of ƒ 10. An additional servant may be appointed as soon as the number of patients surpasses 40. In Bijblad (Annex) no. 11446 of the NI Staatsblad (Statute Book) of 27 August 1927 only nursing class 4 is administered, meaning that it was a rather small hospital. In the town of Ngawi an ophthalmology polyclinic was started in 1909 too (Decision of Governor General J.B. van Heutsz of 23 January 1909 no. 40). Two mandoers were appointed on a monthly salary of ƒ 15.

In the 1930s, Ngawi was a regency, district and subdistrict with homonymous capital of the Residency Madioen in the province of East java. The regency counted almost 390,000 inhabitants, of whom 600 Europeans and 1,500 Chinese. The capital is situated nearby the place where the Madioen river and the Solo river join. There is aboundant private business : coffee and wood (Gonggryp 1934, 946-947).

See General hospitals 1940- Google maps, for the location of the town.

See also the Grote Atlas van Nederlands Oost-Indie (Asia maior/knag, 2003) with a townplan of Ngawi on p. 309 with the location of the hospital.


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