indigenous hospital Indramayu


The hospital of Indramayu (TMnr 60014748)

The hospital for indigenous civil patients at Indramajoe in the Residency of Cheribon (West Java) was established some time before 1909. Schoute mentions the establishment of a hospital for ill prostitutes aroung 1877 (Schoute, GTNI Volume 75  (1935) 10, 828). The annual report  of the Civil Medical Service of 1909 mentioned that a number of 300 patients more had been admitted  compared  to the previous year. The author of the report is happy that apparently more private patients feel inclined to being hospitalized. This indicates that the aversion against hospitals is diminishing. The hospital of Indramayu was converted into a provincial hospital (West Java). In the years 1930 it had a bed capacity of 70 beds. In 1929, 51 beds on average had been occupied with a total number of nursing days of 18,489 and a subsidy of f 19,416 (Indisch Verslag 1930).

Indramajoe was a Regency and district with a capital city with the same name of the Residency of Cheribon in the province of West Java. The Regency had 530,000 inhabitants, the District Indramajoe 55,000, of whom 200 Europeans.(Gonggryp 1934, 462).

See also General hospitals 1940-Google for an exact location of the town of Indramayu.


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