Indigenous hospital Jatinegara

The Inlandsch hospitaal Mr.Cornelis was established at the end of the VOC period, in 1797  in a suburb of Batavia. Schoute mentions that the continuing war situation between Great Britain and France made that health care in the East Indies remained concentrated to Batavia and its immediate surroundings: Meester Cornelis (to which place the garrison was transferred in 1797), Tangerang, Buitenzorg and Bantam.(Schoute, GTNI 14, 888).  The place is now (2015) called Jatinegara.

Meester Cornelis was a Regency and the principal town with the same name of that Regency, which was part of the Residency of Batavia, Government  West Java.  The Regency counts a number of private estates. The name originates from the religious teacher Mr. Cornelis van Seenen from Banda, to whom the lands of the later Regency were transferred. The Regency has almost 676,000 inhabitants,of whom 6,000 Europeans  and 26,000 Chinese. The principal town, Meester Cornelis, has a municipal council  and a  mayor and has 97,000 inhabitants (Gonggryp 1934, 825/26).

The history of the hospital was a short one. In 1802, after the Peace Treaty of Amiens, it was decided to close the two military hospitals at Weltevreden and Meester Cornelis. Actually, the name Military hospital was not adequate. People called it the “Inlandsche Hospitaal” . The one at Weltevreden actually continued, but the old Inlandsche Hospitaal at Meester Cornelis was closed immediately (Schoute, GTNI 74 (1934) 941).



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