Indigenous Hospital Karangpanasan

This hospital was called the Inlandsche ziekeninrichting (indigenous hospital)and was established in 1909 in the town Karangpanasan on the island of Madoera. It was a public hospital and the appointment of its personnel was regulated by a decision of the Governor- General of 23 January 1909 (NI Staatsblad n. 64 of 1 February 1909). In the newly established hospital 1 mandoer (supervisor)  was appointed at a monthly salary of ƒ 15 and 2 servants at a salary of ƒ 10 per month each.

See General hospitals 1940- Google maps, for the location of the hospital.

Karangpanasan was in the 1930s a town of the Residency Madoera (Madura) of the Province of East Java.  Madoera had about two million inhabitants, of whom 1,050 Europeans and 5,000 Chinese. The Residency consists of the Regencies Pamekasan, Soemenep, Bangkalan and Sampang with principal towns wearing the same names. All are situated on the line of the Madoera Steamtram. The capitalof the Residency is Pamekasan. The Government holds its salt monopoly and buys from the population the salt briquets that were produced in the population lands of Soemenep, Pamekasan and Sampang. Factories for briquets are found in Kalianget and Krampon. Main cultures are fishing and cattle breeding. Especially the Madurean cow is the best one in the archipelago. The island Madoera has its boundaries in the south (Street Madoera) and in the west by the Javasea. The indigenous population is Madurese (Gonggryp 1934, 789).


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