Indigenous hospital Langsa

The Inlands hospitaal (indigenous hospital) at Langsa (Eastcoast Atjeh) was a temporary facility, established in 1909 by the Government Decision no.15 of 16 August 1909. It was closed on 31 March 1919, while a Plantation hospital had been founded in that same place.  From 1916, the nursing and treatment of poor indigenous patients could take place in the hospital of the Association “Het Centraal Planters Hospitaal ” (Central Plantation Hospital) at Langsa.

In the 1930s, Langsa was the principal town of the department Langsa, at the same time sub-department and self-governing Landschap, situated on the Eastcoast of Atjeh. The capital of the Department is Langsa, situated on the track of the Atjeh-tram. The population counts 44,000 inhaabitants, of whom 400 Europeans and 3,700 Chinese. Near the capital the Government Caoutchouc Company “Langsa” is established (Gonggryp 1934, 725).

See also General hospitals 1940 – Google  maps, for the location of town and hospital.

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