Indigenous hospital Mangunyajan

The Inlandsch ziekengesticht (indigenous hospital) Mangoendjajan was situated in the Principality of Soerakarta (Central Java).The Koloniaal Verslag of 1906 mentions this hospital in which 282 patients had been admitted during the year 1905, including a number of ill prostitutes. The Staatsblad van Nederlandsch-Indie (NI Statutebook) 1918 no. 760: emitted regulations for the hospital director to apply sanctions in case of small offenses and shortcomings of personnel.

Soerakarta (also Solo) was in the 1930s a Government, soenanaat, Residency, regency and district with a capital of the same name. The Government comprises the soenanaat (selfgovernment) Soerakarta and the area of Mangkoe Negoro and is divided into two Residencies: Soerakarta and Klaten. The Residency Soerakarta comprises the regencies Soerakarta and Sragen of the soenanaat area and also the Mangkoenegaran area for aas far not situated in the region Yogyakarta. It had 1,600,000 inhabitants, of whom 4,200 Europeans and 17,000 Chinese. The capital Soerakarta comprises a Soenan part (district Soerakarta) and a Mangkoenegaran part (district Kota Mangkoenegaran) and had 165,500 inhabitants of whom 3,200 Europeans and 11,000 Chinese. It is a centrum of railways that cross the region (Gonggryp 1934, 1322-1323).

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