Municipal hospital Makassar

The municipal hospital at Makassar dates from 1920.  The Koloniaal Verslag of 1919 mentions that the building of this new municipal hospital just started. Before, there had been an Inlandsch hospitaal from 1909 (Staatsblad no. 58 of 1 February 1909).

In the 1930s, Makassar was the capital of the Government of Celebes and Dependencies (Sulawesi),situated in the south of this island. It had about 87,000 inhabitants, of whom 3,600 Europeans and nearly 16,000 Chinese. It was ruled as a municipality with a municipal council and a mayor. It used to be the ancient realm of Goa. The capital Makassar is an important commercial centre: in former times it was called the Key of the Moluccas. Beside the governor, the regional military commander resides at Makassar (Gonggryp 1934, 794).

See also General hospitals 1940- Google maps,  for the location of town and hospital.

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