Provincial hospital Kudus

The decentralization policy of the NI Government brought about the closure of many hospitals. Among others the Government Civil Hospital (GBZ) of Koedoes was closed on 15th July 1928 (See J.C. no. 58, in which paper the Government decision of 17 July 1928 no. 20 was published). The provincial hospital for Central Java at Koedoes took over its activities in 1928.

Koedoes was a Regency and district with a capital of the same name in the Residency of Rembang, province of Central Java. The Regency had about 300,000 inhabitants, of whom 600 Europeans and 5,000 Chinese (Gonggryp 1934, 662).

See General hospitals 1940-Google maps to find the location of the town and hospital.


f Koedoes (Central Java) and the opening of the Provincial hospital Koedoes, both in 1928. The bed capacity of this hospital was 126 in 1934 (Indisch Verslag 1934, p. 321). According to the Mededeelingen of the DVG (Public Medical Service) of 1939 a training for midwives was organized in this hospital, together with 24 other hospitals ( 13 missionary hospitals, 3 central government hospitals, 2 municipal hospitals, 3 specialized clinics and 3 other hospitals ( p. 61)

In the 1930s, Koedoes was a regency and district with

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