Name Place Island Founding Closing
Psychiatry Hospital Buitenzorg Buktenzorg Java West 1882
Psychiatry Hospital Soemberpoeroeng Lawang Java East 1902
Psychiatry Hospital Magelang Magelang (Kedoe) Java Central 1923
Psychiatry Hospital Sabang Sabang (Atjeh) Sumatra North 1923
Psychiatry Passage Home Grogol Jakarta Java West 1925
Psychiatry Passage Home Semarang Semarang Java Central 1901
Psychiatry Passage Home Solo Solo (Soerakarta) Java Central 1921
Psychiatry Passage Home Soerabaya Soerabaya Java East
Psychiatry Passage Home Gloegoer Gloegoer (Medan) Sumatra East 1934
Psychiatry Passage Home Makassar Makassar (Celebes) Celebes South 1925
Psychiatry Nursing Home Palembang Palembang Sumatra South 1925
Psychiatry Nursing Home Padang Padang Sumatra West 1925
Psychiatry Nursing Home Bandjermasin Bandjermasin Borneo South 1925
Psychiatry Nursing Home Menado Menado Celebes North
Psychiatry Nursing Home Bangli Bangli Bali 1930
Psychiatry Nursing Home Soekolilo Soekolilo Madoera 1930
Psychiatry Passage Home Loeboek Pakam Loeboek Pakam Sumatera Utara 1924 1932

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