Charity hospitals

Charity Hospital Place Island Founded Closed Capacity
Mission Hospital Alihan Alian (Kedoe) Java Central 1903
Inlands hulpziekenhuis Ambarawa (Semarang) Java Central
Missieziekenhuis Sint Antonius Ambarawa (Semarang) Java Central 1936
Hulpzendingsziekenhuis Ambarita (Bataklanden) Sumatra North
Protestants ziekenhuis Amoerang (res. Menado) Celebes North
Missie-Ziekenhuis Bagan Api-Api Bagan Api-Api Sumatra East 1938
Missieziekenhuis Baleardjosari Baleardjosari (Malang) Java East 1933
Hulpzendingsziekenhuis  Balige (Bataklanden) Sumatra North
Ziekenhuis Immanuel Bandoeng Java West 1910
Missieziekenhuis Sint Borromeus Bandoeng Java West 1921
Charity hospital St Madyang Bara Sulawesi Selatan 1909
Missieziekenhuis Bara Bara Java East 1930
Diaconessenhuis Batavia Batavia Java West 1896
Sint Carolus Ziekenhuis Batavia Batavia Java West 1919
Mission hospital Belinju Blinjoe Banka and Billiton 1931
Saint Elisabeth Blitar Blitar (Kediri) Java East 1936
Aux. hospital Blora Blora (Rembang) Java Central Bojonegoro Bodjonegoro (Rembang) Java Central 1906
Mission hospital Bonandolok Bonandolok (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West 1911
Mission hospital Bondowoso Bondowoso (Besoeki) Java East 1903
Mission hospital Cisarua Buitenzorg (Batavia) Java West 1920
Aux. hospital Juntikebon Djoentikebon (Indramajoe) Java West 1919
Petronella hospital Djokjakarta Java Central 1896
Bethesda hospital Djokjakarta Java Central
Hospital Onder de Bogen Djokjakarta Java Central 1929 Doangan Doangan (Jogjakarta) Java Central 1925
Aux. hospital Doloksanggul Doloksanggoel (Bataklanden) Sumatra North
Mission Leprosy Donorejo Donoredjo (Semarang) Java Central 1916
Mission hospital Elat Elat (Grote Kei-eilanden) Moluccas 1933
Mission hospital Gamsungi Gamsoengi (Ternate) Moluccas 1906
Saint Elisabeth Bantul Ganjuran (Yogyakarta) Java Central 1930
Mission hospital Gunung Sitoli Goenoeng Sitoli (North Nias) Sumatra West
Mission Leprosy Huta Salem Hoeta Salem (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West
Mission Leprosy Lao Si Momo Kabandjahe (Batakland) Sumatra East 1907
Mission Hospital Kabanjahe Kabanjahe Sumatra North 1934 Kaliceret Kalitjeret (Semarang) Java Central
Mission hospital Kebumen Keboemen (res. Kedoe) Java Central 1915 Kedungpenjalin Kedoengpendjalin (Semarang) Java Central
Mission hospital Kelet Kelet Java Central 1914
Mission hospital Kendalpaijak Kendal Paijak (Malang) Java East 1900
Hulphospitaal Sonder Kolongon-atas (Menado) Celebes North 1906
Mission Eye hospital Krawang Java West 1938
Mission Leprosy Laguboti Lagoe Boti (Bataklanden) Sumatra North 1902
Mission hospital Langgur Langgur (kleine Kei islands) Moluccas 1929 Leksula Leksoela (South-Boeroe) Sumatra West
Mission hospital Hermana Lembean (Minahassa) Celebes North 1940
Mission hospital Magelang Magelang Java Central 1931
Mission Leprosy Jongaya Makassar Celebes
Mission hospital Stella Maris Makassar Celebes 1930
Mission hospital Labuang Baji Makassar Celebes 1938
Mission hospital Sukun Malang Java East 1928
Saint Maria Magdalena  Malang Java East 1929
Mission hospital Maros Maros(Sulawesi) Celebes
Saint Elisabeth Medan Medan Sumatra East 1930 Medari Medari (Djogjakarta) Java Central 1914
Mission hospital Mergareja Mergaredja Java Central
Mission hospital Mojowarno Modjowarno Java East 1894
Saint Franciscus Muntilan Moentilan (Kedoe) Java Central 1926
Aux. hospital Nainggolan Nainggolan (Bataklanden) Sumatra North
Aux. hospital Pajeti Pajeti (Soemba) Soemba 1910
Mission hospital Pakantan Pakantan (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West 1903
Mission sanatorium Pakem Java Central 1938
Mission hospital Charitas Palembang Sumatra Zuid 1926
Mission hospital Pamangkat Pamangkat Borneo West 1933
Mission hospital Pangaribuan Pangariboean (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West Panguruan Pangoeroeran (Bataklanden) Sumatra North  Parakan Parakan (Magelang) Java Central 1920
Aux. hospital Parerejo Pareredjo (Kediri) Java East 1917
Aux. hospital Pargarutan Pargaroetan (Padangsimpoean) Sumatra West
Aux. hospital Patalan Patalan Java Central 1914
Mission hospital Mardi Usodo Pati (Semarang) Java Central
Mission hospital Pearaja Pearadja (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West 1903
Mission hospital Pekalongan Pekalongan Java Central 1933
Mission hospital  Pemalang Pemalang (Pekalongan) Java Central 1928
Mission hospital Trenggiling Poerbolinggo (Banjoemas) Java Central 1914
Mission hospital Purwakarta Poerwakarta (Krawang) Java West 1930
Mission hospital Purwokerto Poerwokerto (Banjoemas) Java Central 1932
Zendingshospitaal Poerworedjo Java Central 1915
Saint Antonius Pontianak Pontianak Borneo West 1929
Mission hospital Raha Raha (Sulawesi) Sulawesi 1931
Mission hospital Lebak Rangkasbetoeng (Bantam) Java West 1933
Mission hospital Elim Rantepao (Tana Toraja) Celebes West 1929
Mission hospital Sambas Sambas Borneo West 1926
Mission hospital Nainggolan Samosir (Tapanoeli) Sumatra West Sanden Sanden (Jogjakarta) Java Central 1924
Mission hospital Saumlakki Saumlakki Moluccas 1932
Saint Elisabeth Sejiram Sejiram Borneo West 1924
Saint Elisabeth Semarang Semarang Java Central 1927
Deaconess hospital Semarang Java Central 1910
William Booth Eye Hospital Semarang Semarang Java Central 1910
Aux. hospital Sewu Galoor Sewoe Galoor (Djokjakarta) Java Central 1922 Sifaoroasi Sifaoroasi (Bataklanden) Sumatra North 1914
Aux. hospital Sihorbobarus Sihorbobaroes (Bataklanden) Sumatra North
Aux. hospital Singkawang Singkawang Borneo West
Mission hospital Sintang Sintang Borneo West 1936
Aux. hospital Sipirok Sipirok (Padangsidimpoean) Sumatra West
Aux. hospital Sitorang Sitorang (Bataklanden) Sumatra North
Mission hospital Sukabumi Soekaboemi (Preanger) Java West
Saint Lidwina Sukabumi Soekaboemi (Preanger) Java West 1933
Mission hospital  Sukanagara Soekanagara (Preanger) Java West 1936
Hulpziekenhuis Soengaipenoeh Soengaipenoeh Sumatra West 1909
Diaconessenhuis Ngemplak Soerabaja Java East
Sint Vincentius Surabaya Soerabaja Java East 1925
William Booth Moeder en Kindziekenhuis Soerabaja Soerabaja Java East 1917
Oogheelkundige-kliniek Soerabaja Java East 1917
Mission hospital Surakarta Soerakarta Java Central 1920
Mission hospital Solo Solo (Soerakarta) Java Central 1912
Mission hospital Sonder Sonder (Minahassa) Celebes North 1920
Aux. hospital Sorogedug-Wanujojo Sorogedoeg-Wanoedjojo (Klaten) Java Central 1926
Mission hospital Tering Sungai Mahakam (Oost Borneo) Borneo East 1927
Mission hospital Tahuna Tahoena (res. Menado) Celebes North
Mission hospital Tayu Tajoe (Semarang) Java Central
Mission hospital Talengan Talengan (Menado) Celebes North 1909
Saint Jozef Tanjong Tandjong Sakti Sumatra Zuid 1929
Aux. hospital Tanjong Tirto Tandjong Tirto (Djokjakarta) Java Central 1922
Hospital Temanggung Temanggoeng (res. Kedoe) Java Central 1920
Mission hospital Tentena Tentena (res. Manado) Celebes Centraal
Aux. hospital Tjebongan Tjebongan Java Central 1929
Hospital Cepu Tjepoe (Rembang) Java Central 1906
Missionhospital Sekar-Wangi Tjibadak (Preanger) Java West 1939
Mission hospital Cideres Tjideres (Indramajoe) Java West 1917
Mission hospital Marienheuvel Tomohon (Minahassa) Celebes North 1910
Mission hospital Bethesda Tomohon (Minahassa) Celebes North 1916
Mission hospital Tondano Tondano (Minahassa) Celebes North
Mission hospital Waikabubak Waikabubak Soemba 1925
Mission hospital Lindimara Waingapu (Soemba) Soemba 1912
Aux. hospital Wates Wates (Djokjakarta) Java Central 1908
Aux. hospital Wonosari Wonosari (Soerakarta) Java Central 1914
Ziekenverpleging Semampir Kediri Kediri (Kediri)  Java East 1903


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